The future of Derriford
The future of Plymouth

North Plymouth is at an important crossroads in its future.

Trade is leaking out of the city to Exeter, Truro and other shopping destinations.

Plymouth City Council’s long-term strategic plan (Core Strategy) envisages a ‘bi-nodal’ economy – with Plymouth city centre providing the main shopping destination, and the creation of a new district centre in Derriford to provide a focal point for the north of the city.

We believe this is critical to the future of Plymouth. It will help to serve the local population, retain trade and business in Plymouth, and attract new visitors from from the wider area, including outside of Plymouth complementing the current offer in the City Centre.

It will support new homes and help deliver the economic growth strategy for the whole of the city.

Over the coming months, Plymouth City Council will take a decision on where this new centre should be and what it should look like.

The new district centre should be more than a collection of shops and facilities

The new district centre should be about building a brighter future for Derriford and for north Plymouth. It should be backed up by a long-term vision for this part of the city, creating somewhere that will put Derriford on the map and that will bring new life, activity and vitality to the local area.

We will be submitting an outline planning application, which means that we are asking the Council to consider a number of principles, including height, scale and access. If the Council decide to grant planning permission, the detailed appearance of the buildings would be determined at a later stage and the local community would have the opportunity to comment on this detail as it is developed.

The indicative visuals for Derriford Fortside provide an indication of what the scheme may look like and show our thinking to date. Please let us know what you think – with your help, we will develop these plans in more detail before a second consultation in the autumn.

The plans for Derriford Fortside are coming forward now because South West Water has recently had its business plan for 2015 to 2020 approved by the industry regulator, Ofwat.

This followed South West Water’s largest ever consultation with the communities and customers it serves to understand what matters to them and to shape the organisation’s priorities around their feedback.

Among other aspirations, the plan sets out South West Water’s intention to relocate its water treatment works to a new, state-of-the-art facility in Roborough to meet the needs of a growing population. 

South West Water plans to vacate its current site in Derriford in 2018, with the wider site available immediately.

This site:

Has the space (35 acres) and the potential to deliver an exciting new neighbourhood
Is adjacent to the existing retail on Tavistock Road – B&Q, M&S, McDonalds and others
Offers the opportunity to privide links directly into the residential community
Benefits from employment and public footfall around the Council’s office at Windsor House
Contains mature woodland which we will retain and protect, enhancing public access
Is supported by planning policy in the Council’s Core Strategy (2007) and the emerging draft Plymouth Plan
Is being brought forward by a group of experienced development partners ready to get started

Developed in partnership with leading water technology specialists, the new water treatment works in Roborough will be the first of its kind in the UK, using technology that minimises the need for energy and chemical-intensive treatment processes.

South West Water will invest £50+ million in the new facility which will reduce carbon emissions, cut costs and meet water demand for the next generation.

The new Roborough treatment works is located within South Hams District Council and the project already has planning permission. The new technology has been tested and work is underway on the detailed engineering of the new plant in advance of construction.