Indicative view of Derriford Fortside from the south east

Making an impact on the Future of Derriford

Delivering planning policy

Planning policy background

The City Council has proposed a new ‘district shopping centre’ for Derriford and Seaton, as part of a wider vision to transform the north of Plymouth and to create a new heart for this part of the city. This was consulted on and included in its main planning document (the Core Strategy) which was adopted in 2007.

The Core Strategy recommended that it be ‘centred on the west side of the A386’ Tavistock Road, but following more detailed consultation, the Council’s ‘Area Action Plan’ proposed that it be located on the former Seaton Barracks site.

While approved at Council, a planning inspector ruled that this Area Action Plan could not be adopted.

As a result the location of a District Centre could now be decided through the consideration of competing planning applications.

Owners of several sites have expressed an interest in hosting the district centre, with planning applications expected from two developers during summer 2015. As there is room for only one district centre, the two developers have agreed that their applications can be considered at the same planning committee if received within 12 weeks of each other.

Each developer will be carrying out their own consultation on their scheme before their application is submitted. More information is available at
Wording provided by Plymouth City Council.

We believe that Derriford Fortside offers the best new district centre for Derriford, and the best new district centre for Plymouth.

Plymouth City Council’s Core Strategy (adopted 2007) puts in place policy backing for a ‘bi-nodal’ city economy – with Plymouth city centre providing the main shopping destination, and the creation of a new district centre in Derriford to provide a focal point for the north of the city. This approach is echoed in the emerging Plymouth Plan which has been published in draft and is due to be adopted by early 2017.

The Core Strategy specifies that the new district centre should be located to the west of the A386 (Tavistock Road) on the basis that:

A district centre to the west of the A386 will fill a ‘spatial gap’ for retail in the north west of the city and connect easily to the nearby neighbourhoods
This location offers the greatest potential for an active frontage on the A386
There is space here to grow and be flexible in the long term

Derriford Fortside will provide a major boost to the economy of both north Plymouth and the city as a whole. It will:

Generate more than £400 million for the local economy over the next decade
Retain shoppers in Plymouth and help to attract customers who currently shop in Exeter, Truro and elsewhere
Attract national brands and independent shops which cannot find suitable space in the city centre

New jobs

Derriford Fortside will create more than 1,500 completely new jobs, which will provide a mix of full-time and part-time roles across the new shops, restaurants, hotel and cinema, as well as in management/security, cleaning, gardening and maintenance.

These new jobs are in addition to the Plymouth City Council staff already based at Windsor House.

A further 500 jobs will be based on site during the construction phase at any given time. At peak times, this will reach more than 1,000.